Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling

I would like to give you an overview how I work as a Grief Recovery Specialist and what you can expect from the sessions with me.

First consultation

The first consultation is a great opportunity to get to know each other. You describe the situation that weighs heavy on your heart. Just talking about it to a neutral person could be a big relief already. I find it important to emphasize that it is completely up to you how much you share about your story, about your loss with me. During the healing work we will solely focus on your emotions and not on the facts.

The more open you are regarding your emotions and feelings, the easier I can determine if there is any underlying loss and where you stand with your grief. You can also decide based on your impression and intuition if I am the right person for you who could help you to move forward with your grieving process.

Everything you tell me at the first consultation and later during the sessions will stay between us and not be forwarded to any third party.


Although the sessions are quite individual, they are tailored to your emotional need, we follow some structure. The framework of the counseling depends on the age of the griever (child/adult) and on the number of grievers (individual/group) I work with. The aim is always that you connect to your true authentic self and you get in touch with your emotions related to the loss you try to process. Grief is not something that you have to learn from scratch, the ability to grieve is already within you, it just needs to be rediscovered. The sessions will help you to:

  • release trapped emotions and let your grief run its natural course
  • realize how natural and necessary is to grieve from time to time
  • experience the potential of your grief
  • ease your pain
  • unblock your blocked energy
  • improve your mental and physical health
  • build up your emotional stamina
  • recognize your own healing ability
  • trust yourself and increase your self-esteem
  • stop fearing of future emotional losses and be able to live your life with an open heart

My job, as a Grief Recovery Specialist is to listen to you, to your emotions without any judgement, evaluation or criticism. I support and encourage you with your grieving process.

If necessary, I use my knowledge, skills and experience to help you to put your grief back on track. Your grief is precious, that is the key to your healing and the door to your growth.


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