Children and grief

Children and grief

Children experience around 15 losses till they reach adulthood. It is impossible to shield them from these kind of experiences.

Although they will feel the loss just as deeply as adults, children will experience and express grief in different ways to us. The way children grieve will mostly depend on their age and understanding of the loss as well as their ability to talk about their thoughts and feelings. Also, they learn how to grieve by copying the responses of the adults around them. They rely on us, adults to provide them with what they need to support them in their grief. Showing our grief will definitely encourage them to express theirs.

The reason, why you are here now, might be that the child you love has experienced some kind of loss in the recent past, or even long time ago and you want to help him/her to feel better. It could be that in this moment and time you are dealing with grief too. You are overwhelmed with emotions therefore despite your best intentions your ability to help your loved one is limited.

I am honored to be your partner ensuring that your child has the best possible information and the highest level of emotional safety as he or she deals with the wide range of emotions attached to losses of all kinds.

Establishing a foundation for dealing effectively with loss can be one of the greatest gifts we can give to a child.